Jan 272012

Elk hunting is big business in the Rocky Mountains, for the outfitters, sporting good stores, division of wild life. Elk are hunted from New Mexico to Montana and are hunted even on the eastern U. S. like Pennsylvania. Elk are hunted by bow, crossbow, rifle, rifle is the most popular. Hunting with a rifle that is equipped with a good quality scope will make that shot of a lifetime easy.  Hunters that want more of a challenge, use a bow or crossbow to hunt with. During the rut ( breeding season ) elk are able to be called into range for a bow shot by bugling like a bull elk or by cow calls.  To get a elk license for a state it is necessary to apply in March or April or before, each state is different for the dead line to get an elk license. Hunters can hunt on there own or book with an outfitter and and hunt with a guide. Some outfitters have a lodge to stay in, others pack in on horse back and hunt out of a spike camps and sleep in tents. For Colorado for example, to plan a hunt go to the internet Division of Wildlife it will give you all the information you need, the internet is a wonderful tool.