Feb 022012

Turkey can be hunted both fall and spring, check with the game commission for the rules and regulations in the state you wants to hunt. There are 4 types of turkey in the United States, the Osceola, Gould’s, Merriam’s, Easterns. There is the hen [female], gobbler [male], and Jake [immature gobbler] all 3 can be hunted depending on the state you hunt and the season spring or fall. By early 1900s, most of the wild turkey were wiped out in North America, at the Great Depression there was less than 30,000 turkey in the United States. Now through game laws and conservation groups there are more than 7 million turkey. Turkey feed on acorns, waste grain, insects and grasses and are not likely to deplete a small area with a large flock of turkey. Depending on the state turkey can be hunted with shotgun the most popular, rifle with scope and crossbow or bow. While hunting turkey there are different type of calls, the mouth call, box call, slate call, ceramic or glass call. To learn the different calls a turkey make check out the National Wild Turkey Federation and listen to the different calls.

Jan 272012

Elk hunting is big business in the Rocky Mountains, for the outfitters, sporting good stores, division of wild life. Elk are hunted from New Mexico to Montana and are hunted even on the eastern U. S. like Pennsylvania. Elk are hunted by bow, crossbow, rifle, rifle is the most popular. Hunting with a rifle that is equipped with a good quality scope will make that shot of a lifetime easy.  Hunters that want more of a challenge, use a bow or crossbow to hunt with. During the rut ( breeding season ) elk are able to be called into range for a bow shot by bugling like a bull elk or by cow calls.  To get a elk license for a state it is necessary to apply in March or April or before, each state is different for the dead line to get an elk license. Hunters can hunt on there own or book with an outfitter and and hunt with a guide. Some outfitters have a lodge to stay in, others pack in on horse back and hunt out of a spike camps and sleep in tents. For Colorado for example, to plan a hunt go to the internet Division of Wildlife it will give you all the information you need, the internet is a wonderful tool.

Jan 122012

Crossbow hunting has become very popular in resent years, here in the United States and World. Hunting in the United States with the proper licenses, a hunter can hunt for deer, bear, turkey, elk, moose, and different species of sheep ( big horn, dall, desert, and stone,) wild hogs and small game. When hunting in Africa there are the plains game animals to hunt, the dangerous game such as the lion, elephant, cape buffalo, hippo and leopard.  When hunting in Africa the meat from the hunt is eaten by the villagers, nothing is wasted. When buying license to hunt, it will help the economy and help manage the wild life. Professional hunters like  Jim Shockey, Craig Boddington,  Jim Zumbo hunt all over the world and have taken many trophy class game animals. Crossbows with brand names like Excalibur, TenPoint, Barnett, and Parker to name a few, these are quality crossbows. When buying a crossbow get the best quality that money can buy, then you will have years of service and enjoyment. Enjoy hunting with your crossbow and shoot straight!

Dec 312011

Crossbows are enjoyable to shoot and hunt with. Just like a rifle they must be treated with respect and follow the safety rules, or you or someone around you will get seriously injured or killed.  1. A new person for the first time shooting a crossbow must read and follow the manufactures instructions very important. 2. Always keep safety on till ready to shoot. 3. Do not dry fire a crossbow to avoid damage to crossbow, or serious injury from limbs breaking. 4. Use rail lube to lube rail and crossbow wax to wax cable strings of crossbow. 5. VERY IMPORTANT KEEP FINGERS AND THUMB BELOW RAIL OF CROSSBOW OUT OF THE PATH OF THE STRING WHEN SHOOTING. Serious injury or amputation will result . 6. Always cock crossbow on ground and make sure safety is on.  When using a tree stand, or portable climber use your Hunters Safety Vest to prevent falling out of tree. Use a rope to pull up your crossbow, do not carry crossbow up the ladder stand. 7. Do not shoot crossbow at sky- lined animals, so no people  get injured. 8. Have fun shooting and hunting with your new crossbow.

Dec 272011

Another year, second largest bear kill in PA. for 2011, with the top 10 in weight. The top 10 bears processed at check stations, so far, all had estimated live weights that exceeded 629 pounds. Jonathan E. Byler, of Ulysses, harvested the largest bear, which was a male that weighed in at 746 pounds (estimated live weight). The bear was taken in Ulysses Township, Potter County, at 1:45 p.m. on Nov. 19. Other large bears (all estimated live weights) included: a 734-pound male, taken by Steven Camasta, of Lakeview, in Salem Township, Wayne County, on Nov. 19; a 733-pound male, taken by John J. Hennick, of Cambria, in Bell Township, Clearfield County, on Nov. 19; a 729-pound male, taken by William Simpson, of East Brady Township, in Highland Township, Elk County on Nov. 21; a 714-pound male, taken by Timothy Kiser, of Karns City, in Bradys Bend Township, Armstrong County on Nov. 19; a 706-pound male, taken by Paul Hoyt, of Levittown, in Lehigh Township, Wayne County on Nov. 19; a 678-pound male, taken by Matthew Romano, of Conshohocken, in Fox Township, Sullivan County, on Nov. 19; a 677-pound male, taken by Todd Dwyer of Dallas, in Davidson Township, Sullivan County, on Nov. 22;  a 675-pound male, taken by Sheldon Weyant of Penn, in Porter Township, Jefferson County on Nov. 21; and a 660-pound male, taken by Dale Kobal, of Warrior Run Township, in Nanticoke, Luzerne County on Nov. 21.

The preliminary three-day bear harvest by Wildlife Management Unit was as follows: WMU 1A, 12; WMU 1B, 51; WMA 2A, 2; WMA 2B, 1; WMU 2C, 186; WMU 2D, 134; WMU 2E, 60; WMU 2F, 305; WMU 2G, 953; WMU 3A, 295; WMU 3B, 320; WMU 3C, 92; WMU 3D, 222; WMU 4A, 69; WMU 4B, 57; WMU 4C, 71; WMU 4D, 157; WMU 4E, 34; WMA 5A, 1; and WMU 5B, 1.

This year, there were fewer hunting accidents happening due to the blaze orange that must be worn and the use of fall protection when using ladder stands or portable climbers. There was an increase in the number of bear taken with compound bow or crossbow this year. Wildlife officials say hunters took 257 bears during the five-day archery season and 3,154 taken in the four-day firearm season. An additional 557 were taken during the extended bear season during the first week of deer season.

Picture of record bear 2011